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Attorney Timothy Hart studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Chicago and University of Illinois at Chicago, and subsequently earned a JD from the University of Houston. He has been working with immigrant populations throughout his career with dedication and compassion.  He speaks Spanish fluently. 

Our legal practice was established in Houston, Texas in 1992 to offer quality and fair legal representation. Attorney Timothy Hart and his team of associates can represent you in all your legal matters, but is especially known for his focus on Immigration and Nationality Law and Personal Injury Law.  He has extensive experience in immigration cases of residency, TPS, deportation, family petitions, immigration bonds, and work/travel visas. Attorney Timothy Hart has also been doing personal injury cases through his whole career. He has become known as the “family attorney” because his clients trust him with all their legal needs.

The immigration system and the process of naturalization in the United States can be daunting to anyone but we hope to be able to address your doubts and questions and to offer the best possible legal representation and always at be fair and honest. We are here to serve you.

A machete hangs nailed to the wall behind the desk of Timothy Hart, given to him as a gift. In this way, our clients have fondly nick-named him the “Machete” as a tribute to their view of him as their zealous advocate.

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